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Organic Red Rice Poha (Beaten Red Rice) - 2 lbs


Organic Red Rice Poha (Beaten Red Rice) - 2 lbs

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Red poha or red rice flakes is nothing but flattened rice made from red rice. Red poha nutrition value is high compared to white rice flakes. It has health benefits in terms of having more iron content and is also easy to digest. Rice flakes also goes by the name flattened rice, beaten rice, poha, atukulu, aval and avalakki. It is a dehusked rice that is flattened into dried flakes. There are a variety of rice flakes available in the market based on their thickness. Red rice poha is a healthy alternative to white rice flakes and is an essential pantry ingredient to make quick tiffins or lunch box items.

Nutritional Information:

Fiber-rich carbohydrates help control diabetes.
If you are planning on cutting down on food grains like wheat and barley, you can opt for poha since it is gluten-free.
It’s rich in manganese, magnesium, calcium, and selenium; Red rice helps to develop strong bones, decreasing the risk of bones weakening and fractures.
The glycemic index is low and it is good news for those with obesity, and even a heart condition.

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