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Organic Nine Grains Atta (Multigrain Flour) - 3 lbs


Organic Nine Grains Atta (Multigrain Flour) - 3 lbs

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This highly nutritious, heart-friendly atta is made of nine grains of wheat, soy, barley, bengal gram, green gram, moth, jowar, bajra and wheat bran. It is a valuable source of dietary fibre. A ready product with all the nutrients mixed in the right proportions for optimum health.

Nutritional Information:

It is prepared by grinding the above nine grains, carefully-chosen by nutritional experts, keeping carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and micronutrients needs in mind.
The flour is a good source of complex carbohydrates which have lower Glycemic Index and helps in keeping the blood sugar level in check.
Studies have proved that all multigrain flours have higher concentration of satiety-boosting dietary fiber and bioactive compounds, which makes them ideal for our digestive system.

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