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Organic Chana Whole (Bengal Gram Whole) - 2 lbs


Organic Chana Whole (Bengal Gram Whole) - 2 lbs

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Chana dal is produced by removing the outer layer of black chickpeas and then splitting the kernel. Chana dal is baby chickpea that has been split and polished. Chana dal is delicious, nutritious and easy to digest. Chana dal contains no cholesterol or trans fats, and virtually no saturated fat or sodium. It’s a good source of zinc, and particularly rich in phosphorous and magnesium which builds strong bones and teeth plus works with Calcium to strengthen our bones. Also Magnesium works in the formation of bones. Chana Dal is rich in the mineral Phosphorus which acts as a buffer – helps to neutralize the acids and maintain pH levels in the body.

These lentils are also powdered to give besan or gram flour. They are a native food in India and popular for their status for constructing pure and healthy meal. They are gluten free and a great source of nutrients in a vegetarian diet. They are eaten as an accompaniment with cereals such as wheat (in form of roti or paratha) or rice. They help to generate a good amount of energy in the body.

Nutritional Information:

This dal, with distinctive nutty flavour, is rich in protein and is consumed by people aiming for weight loss. The USDA data says, one mere cup of chana dal has 39 grams of protein, 121 grams of carbohydrate and 35 grams of dietary fibre. Thus it I can be said to be super loaded with nutrients.

Apart from the customary dal preparation, the legume can be used in soups, curries or even in salads.

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